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Røros Tweed has a fascinating backstory.  The small mining town of Roros, located in northeastern Norway, had a copper supply that benefited some while the majority of the area remained poor.  When the director of the mine passed away in 1789, he left his fortune to a foundation set up to provide textile production education to the poor, including necessary materials.  “Peder Hiort’s will, which has been described as one of the most insightful in Scandinavian history, created a tradition for handicraft and textile production that sustained itself through the years and created the grounds upon which Røros Tweed was founded. Further education was provided and, in 1940, Røros Tweed was established as a sales outlet for handmade textiles.

Today, Røros Tweed is the only producer of throws and blankets in Scandinavia, ensuring that the
whole value chain remains in Norway. Norwegian sheep graze on clean, fresh mountain pastures,
making their wool pure and more environmentally-friendly than most textile fibres. In combination
with the flexibility and insulation properties that are naturally developed in sheep that dwell in the
cold Norwegian climate, this is a fundamental reason for the superior quality and functionality of
Røros products.

Røros works with leading Scandinavian designers to create blankets and pillows that are not only warm and timeless, but interesting and beautiful.


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Røros Tweed Aker 100% Norwegian Wool Blanket

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Røros Tweed Mikkel 100% Norwegian Wool Blanket

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