VAD offers excellent, functional and elegant furniture. The Vad-family has been active in handcraft and furniture for five generations. Today our objective is to offer furniture with Value Added Design.

Since year 2000 VAD has become an established supplier to the Scandinavian furniture market, with special attention on seating groups, health care and ship & offshore segments. VAD provides good furniture solutions, comprehending various seating products with accompanying items. In addition to our standard collection, we also offer customized solutions.

Based on the scenic North-West coast of Norway, we cooperate with several independent designers to offer new, innovative and functional solutions. As active dialogue is important, we encourage you to contact us for questions or comments. Give us a challenge, and we shall provide inspiration!

As a company in the 21st century with modern production, quality and environmental issues are quite important to us. According to our membership in, we continue the work with internal environmental management system, environmental certification and quality testing of our furniture.

Come visit to sit in their comfortable and stylish seating!

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