Ambient Temperatures


Ambient Temperatures is a Milwaukee art and design studio that features the work of Michael and Michelle Kempen, a graphic designer and interior designer respectively. Their prints combine magnification of mid-century, mass-printed images and simple geometric shapes. The texture drawn from the images creates an intriguing visual within the works, while the limited palette and forms allow the prints to harmonize with the surrounding environment, wherever they are placed.

The primary focus of their work is to explore the affect a piece has beyond its own subject matter. How a print or painting works as a building block in the creation of a desirable physical space.

Michael also continues to explore this concept in larger pieces using acrylic and oil on canvas.

Unframed Prints Available In Store & Online

Black & White Collage Print 1

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Black & White Collage Print 2

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Stop in to see their framed prints Mountains & Mountains Plus

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