Angela Pierro


Angela Pierro is an abstract artist, entrepreneur, designer and instructor. She is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto, Ontario. Canadian born, to Italian parents, has called the US home for 20 years. She lives with her family in Fox Point, WI. Pierro’s work is in private and corporate collections in Canada and the US.

“Light permeates the soul. My fascination with light comes from my constant observations of its affect on color. I am captivated by that fleeting moment when a sliver of light peaks through a dark room or the light dancing on a surface from the reflection of water interacts with its surroundings. My work is an escape to that intangible reality and the exploration of the dynamic space that exists between the light and the dark. Within that space is a powerful phenomenon that invites quiet contemplation.”

Oil Paintings on Display in Store

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