Jim Maki


For over 40 years, Jim Maki was an art teacher (a favorite teacher in the Shorewood schools we might add). While he spent all of that time drawing, painting, sculpting and producing other artistic creations side by side with his students, he never called himself an artist.  Now that he is retired from teaching, he has accepted his role as an artist and enjoys creating in his “second home,” his art studio in Bay View.

While Jim has explored a variety of media, watercolors have always interested him the most. “It’s a medium that allows for freedom of expression, yet requires planning and exactness,” he says. “The colors can be vibrant and exciting as well as moody and pensive.” He feels that this is an ideal method to capture the scenes of nature and the rustic buildings that he enjoys painting the most. You will see how he uses the delicate quality of pen and ink to capture the intricate details of objects in nature as well as in architecture.  “Thin branches, grasses and fluttering birch leaves can be drawn clearly and precisely,” says Jim.

We have a lovely display of Jim’s captivating landscapes in the store. Stop in and see them; they are even more beautiful in person!

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