Mike Kasun


Milwaukee artist Mike Kasun is a graduate of Milwaukee School of Art (the original MIAD) who is a painter of birds, draws and paints from live models, & is a founding member of the Flesh Experts, a collective of artists dedicated to the visual study of the human form.
He frequently visits the countryside to paint landscapes with watercolor, sculpts with found objects like weathered beach wood and rusted metal & loves to paint Acrylic and India ink abstractions based on the expressionist history of the 50s, 60s and 70s.
Mike has a strong connection to the natural world, as a birdwatcher, gardener and floral designer.
He’s also a self-proclaimed novice historian of electronic dance and pop music,he is a bass and beat addict and vinyl collecter since the 1970’s. He met Olson House shop owner Teresa through their mutual love of electronic music and record collecting.
His collection of painted shorebirds on display is a response to raise awareness of the global crisis of the migrant shorebirds facing extinction.

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