Studio Blip


Studio Blip is the dynamic duo that is Ken and Ruth Vonderberg. This artistic couple resides and creates in Milwaukee’s Third Ward.

Ken Vonderberg is an artist, and a pyro of sorts, that is a pyrographer. He looks for new media and new ways to use old media in his work including the technique called “wood burning” or when elevated to an art form called pyrography. Ken also uses traditional media such as pastels, oil, acrylic paint and charcoal or graphite to produce his work, which he describes as representational.

“I find subjects in the natural as well as the built world. The human figure is a source of endless inspiration for me.” – Ken Vonderberg

Ken graduated from the Layton School of Art and Design. He practiced commercial interior designer for 25 years before spending 19 years sharing his knowledge and experience as an interior design instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC). He has been loving life as a full-time artist since retiring in 2012. His work has been juried into a number of regional shows and several local galleries represent him.

Ruth Vonderberg’s artistic creations are inspired by color, texture and the desire to build complexity for visual interest. She feels abstract interpretations are the best way for her to express these elements. Her background as a graphic designer (she retired in 2009) informs her affinity for composition and pattern. Ruth has shared her work at a number of solo shows as well as in local juried exhibitions. She is also represented by several local galleries.

Olson House is proud to offer the work of this dynamic artistic duo.

Copenhagen Square, Untitled, Orbit, Reflections & Top of the Fjord

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