Neevel's Fine Woodworking

Neevil's Fine Woodworking

Olson House was first introduced to Eric Neevel’s unique furniture creations at the Fine Furnishings Show in Milwaukee, WI in 2014. Eric is based in Clyman, WI, and he can make just about anything out of wood. His focus is custom wood furniture that meets client specific needs. You should see the cool Christmas tree he constructed for a client one year. We fell in love with a rhombus shaped table, so Eric made the “Rhombus” collection for us in both walnut and maple. He is a true collaborator. He helped create several pieces that are part of the Olson House shopping experience. We collaborated with him on the design and construction of custom display shelves, and he worked with Milwaukee-based Metalsmoke Designs on a wood and metal console table. Eric can carve your ideas into wood and work with you to build signature furnishings for your home or office environment. We have his creations on display and for sale, so come check out his work or call us to arrange a meeting with this fabulous “maker.”

Rhombus Table - Available in store!

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