Ryan Ostler


Have you ever wondered what to do with those half-full paint cans in your basement? Ryan Ostler has the answer for you. Ryan is a Shorewood High graduate who lives in Reno, NV, and he makes one-of-a-kind paintings with recycled house paint. The results are unique abstract paintings with a very durable finish. While Ryan has been a practicing artist for over seventeen years, he does much more than paint colorful, memorable creations. Ceramics were actually Ryan’s first love. With a BFA in ceramics and sculpture from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, he started off his art path by serving three traditional apprenticeships under two potters, as well as a kiln builder. Ryan has served many roles in the art world throughout his accomplished career. He has been a teacher, run several art studios, and been involved in over fifty shows. Ryan helped co-found the Salvagery Artist Collective and the Hobson Galley in Reno. He is the resident artist, gallery curator, and head of the ceramic education department at the Generator Community Art Space. He is also the build lead for a large interactive sculpture by artist Kelly Ogilvie. Whether he is playing with the rich hues of recycled paint or shaping and carving clay, he is creating works of art that are sure to infuse your home or office with vibrant color and positive energy.

A few of the paintings for sale in store

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