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Tyler Jones is a Milwaukee-based artist who practices contemporary dark-room photography practices and painting methods. His work discusses humanity, isolation, space, intimacy, and aims to elevate the banal or common. Tyler is currently pursuing a BFA degree at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Check out his prints here in Shorewood.

Artist Statement:
“My work explores the juxtaposition between intimacy and banality. I believe common occurrences portray some of the most intimate experiences that make us human. Human in our ability to leave a trace of ourselves on those around us and the places we visit. Therefore, I’ve made it my goal to document these traces we leave behind.”

Process for Cezanne Pieces:
The pinhole camera was constructed from an old Cezanne art book, which in turn was hollowed out in order to fit a single piece of light-sensitive paper. Next, exposures were made by opening up the tiny hole in the front cover of the book allowing light to reach the paper inside. Once introduced to darkroom chemistry, a negative was created which was then scanned and flipped to become a digital positive image. The final step was to print the images on archival inkjet paper.

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