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We’ve been getting a lot of great new products in here at the store and we can barely contain our excitement, and today, we want to focus on the fabrics!  Let’s start with Vallila, a textile company in Helsinki Finland, operating in the same silk factory warehouse that founder Otto Berner had built in 1939. They moved away from silks and started designing printed fabric patterns on thicker interior fabrics in the late 60’s, creating bold, striking patterns that laid the groundwork for their designs today, and leading them to becoming a leading Finnish textile company. Their fabrics are unique representations of nature and city, with a touch of whimsy and lots of style.


©Vallila Interiors – An image from their AW15 Collection “Huipulla” (Summit).

“The Vallila Collection continues to evolve through the years because of our commitment to keep growing and pushing boundaries. A new Collection is launched twice a year for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Design is an ongoing process at Vallila, our Design Studio buzzes activity every day of the year in order to ensure that Vallila continues being a front runner in the field of textile design.”
Genuine Finnish Design from Helsinki  Vallila Interior at Olson House

Next we move on to Røros Tweed from Norway.  Their story is even older, and just as interesting.  And really, they tell it best. “The mining town of Røros is situated more than 600 meters above sea level, and is on UNESCO’s list
of World Heritage Sites. The valuable copper discovered in the 17th century gave great wealth to
some, but the vast majority of the people of Røros remained poor. When Peder Hiort, the childless
director of the mine, died in 1789, he bequeathed his entire fortune to a foundation that was set up to
provide an education in textile production to the poor, as well as providing the necessary raw materials. Further education was provided and, in 1940, Røros Tweed was established as a sales outlet for handmade textiles.”


The town of Roros, in postcard

“Norwegian sheep graze on clean, fresh mountain pastures, making their wool pure and more environmentally-friendly than most textile fibres. In combination with the flexibility and insulation properties that are naturally developed in sheep that dwell in the cold Norwegian climate, this is a fundamental reason for the superior quality and functionality of Røros products.” Their blankets and pillows are 100% produced in Norway, and are some of the softest wool products you will ever feel!  Roros Tweed at Olson House

naturpledd image

The Naturpledd collection which uses no dyes; truly 100% natural Norwegian

We also want to tell you about our newest collaborator, Lapuan Kankurit from Finland whose linens are out of sight!  They are a fourth generation weaving mill, who combines traditional jacquard weaving with design and environmental consciousness to create beautiful and interesting towels, blankets, scarves, and bath, kitchen and tableware.  Each woven meter of fabric tells a story of true Finnish handicraft.


The Corona 100% blanket PHOTO: LAPUAN KANKURIT OY

The blanket pictured above was just recently the winner of the Muoto 2015 award for Finnish Design!  Their linen, wool and blended fabrics are not just beautiful, but they are of superior quality.  “The Lapuan Kankurit products tell their tale of finished craftsmanship, user comfort, natural materials, technical product innovations, an ecologically sound approach and Scandinavian design.” Lapuan Kankurit at Olson House

We have this serene image displayed in store! PHOTO: LAPUAN KANKURIT OY.

I also want to mention that the fabulous world of textiles and fabrics does not stop with the retail products.  Our Olson House interior design studio partners with companies like Maharam Textiles and Carnegie Fabrics to provide you with beautiful and durable options on custom furniture so that you can create the interior of your dreams!
Carnegie_Logo_new_920_437  I_1108_DF_Maharam-logo


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