The People behind the Products: Pt. 2

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Hello everyone!  This series was supposed to be weekly, but then my computer decided to go and have a meltdown on Monday.  I got it back on Saturday, and all that was left of it was the hard drive, encased in a USB reader.  RIP, good Lenovo, I’ll miss you.  So this little set back put me a bit behind on all sorts of tasks, including letting you know about the next featured makers, Emma Zwissler of Loft Studios Designs and Alicia Adams Alpaca.  Sorry for the delay!

I met Emma, the talent behind Loft Studios, at Hovercraft this past winter.  I thought her modern designs with a touch of whimsy were just the type of textile I wanted to support in this little shop adventure.  We got to talking and it turned out she was also a Riverwest Milwaukee inhabitant – in fact she lives and creates just a block and a half from where I live!  I am beyond excited to support this Milwaukee made textile line.

process 2

Emma at work creating linen towels.

Her process is toxin-free, from the linen to the dyes, and the result is a beautiful hand-printed & sewn product that you can be proud to call your own.  Her designs are timeless, modern and fun, and linen looks beautiful ironed & proper or natural, with the slight creases & wrinkles emulating those patterns found in nature.  See below for some of the options we have available in store.  Emma is currently working on some super cool special products to have for sale here, so stay tuned for the big announcement revealing these great new offerings – I don’t want to spoil the surprise. :)

In early May, I went to ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in NYC, to do a bit of last minute product and artist research before Olson House opened for business.  It was there I got to meet Alicia Adams of Alicia Adams Alpaca. It was meant to be a two day trip, with a side trip to Wanted Design, to connect with Muuto, a Danish furniture company (more on them another week), but LaGuardia, aka the pit of despair, had delayed all flights coming in, so instead of making my stop to Wanted Design, I sat at General Mitchell, trying not to stare at the clock. I finally made it to downtown Manhattan with about an hour left at the ICFF show for the day.  I whizzed through the show, but as the day was winding down, and the vendors were on their way out for the day, I stopped in my tracks as I stumbled upon the softest booth in the world!

Photo May 18, 4 41 13 PM

Alicia Adams Alpaca @ ICFF

Alicia Adams owns an idyllic 200 alpaca farm in upstate New York.  The animals are so well cared for & the farm looks so amazing, it’s my goal to one day go visit & hug the alpacas myself.  :)  I am always a huge animal rights advocate, and it is so comforting to know the care that is taken to ensure the health and well-being of these beautiful animals. I was so excited to learn that her fur products are guilt-free, meaning the animals are not killed for their fur.  It does raise the cost, because the fur is not treated like it would be at a commercial factory-style fur manufacturer, but rather they have to wait for the circle of life to complete.  The alpaca are sheared once a year to create the super soft, sought-after wool products, like the blankets & scarves you will find in store.  Alpaca wool is cherished not only for its scarcity, but its fineness, durability, and hypoallergenic and lightweight qualities.  Currently all of our blankets are woven Baby Alpaca, and are the ultimate blanket for softness and luxury.  Stop in store or shop online to see for yourself why Alpaca wool is so absolutely fabulous!



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