It’s Upon Us. Wedding Gift Season!

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We all know summer is the best time of year for our favorite outdoor sunshine activities; this includes – WEDDINGS! As someone who likes to actually surprise the happy couple, this means shopping off registry and venturing into the world of real gift buying. Instead of feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out what sappy trinket won’t get shoved in a closet or regifted, think… “what would I like to get?” Here are a few ideas to help you out.

Whiskey Glasses by Normann Copenhagen

Not just limited to whiskey, these fine glasses are also a favorite for wine (or any other delicious liquor, and I guess, water). These are hard to keep in stock and it’s easy to see why. I also know from experience, these make a GREAT gift!

Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glass


Erik Bagger Opera Wine Glass

Have some classic wine drinkers tying the knot? These beautiful glasses are timeless Danish design and were designed for the Danish Opera Restaurant; you can’t get any classier than that.

Erik Bagger Opera White Wine Glass


Linen Kaarna Napkin a Dora Jung Design

Can I call a napkin beautiful? Because there really isn’t a better way to describe it. Kaarna was designed by iconic Finnish textile and industrial designer Dora Jung in 1964, modeled after Finnish pine forest Bark. This beautiful textile design would look as wonderful in today’s homes as it did in the 60’s. And I know the happy couple would have no complaints.

Linen Kaarna Napkin by Dora Jung


Roros Tweed Norwegian Wool Blanket

How much do you love the couple? Seriously though, this is one of our favorite heirloom quality gifts that doesn’t break the bank. And the best part- wool can actually be soft! These ultra thick “little heater” blankets come in a variety of fun patterns and will last a lifetime (and beyond) with proper care. So why not give them something they love and can pass on?

If Roros Tweed isn’t your style, or more importantly, theirs, we have plenty of other beautiful blankets in various materials and styles to choose from!

Roros Tweed Norwegian Lambswool Blanket


Riinkinkukko (Peacock) Linen/Cotton Kitchen Towel

As a symbol of luck and prosperity in Indian culture, the peacock is also symbolic of love and typically gifted in some form to those getting married. This little peacock towel is so cute, we’ve often talked about framing  it.

If peacocks aren’t the couple’s spirit animal, we have plenty of other adorable animal or fun patterned towels to choose from!

Riinkinkukko Peacock Kitchen Towel by Lapuan Kinkurit

Arne Clausen Grey Lotus Ceramic Bowl

Another lovely addition to any household is this classic Arne Clausen bowl, with the iconic “Lotus” pattern. It was originally designed by the Norwegian artist Arne Clausen in the 1960’s, and has recently been reissued in ceramic earthenware by the Danish design company, Lucie Kaas, in collaboration with Arne Clausen family. We also have a smaller blue version of this bowl as well as a pitcher available in this lovely timeless design.

Arne Clausen Grey Lotus Bowl

Muuto Shades Vase

The newlyweds will surely need a place to put all of the future anniversary bouquets, and why not make it a stylish vessel? This beautifully sculptured Muuto Shades Vase is made in dyed clay material and hand polished – adding distinctive character and personality to any interior space. Also available in a slightly tinted rose color.

Muuto Shades Vase

Terva King Sized Bath Towel

Last but certainly not least, is the large Terva bath towel by Lapuan Kankurit. It’s made of washed linen, cotton, and tencel, is very absorbent and it also dries quickly, so it is more hygienic than traditional cotton towels. Thanks to its lightness, this towel is perfect for on the go. What better gift to bring along on that tropical honeymoon and use in the home throughout the seasons following.

Terva King Sized Bath Towel


We hope these fabulous gift ideas helped!  Now that you have the gift squared away, you can take a breath, relax, and figure out what to wear to their big day!  Or if you are the future bride or groom looking for list ideas, we’d be more than happy to help you with your own gift list!


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