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Narratives is our blog where we post inside looks at Olson House local artists &  Scandinavian collaborators, seasonal product and design inspiration!

The People Behind Our Products: Peepal Tree

Meet Ruchita Varma, the passionate woman behind Peepal Tree. Multi-cultural trained architect turned mom & small business owner, Ruchita loves the flexibility of Peepal Tree and loves learning and creating every day. Her block printed fabrics are one-of-a-kind!


The People Behind Our Products: Finarte

Finarte is the leading design house for Finnish rugs. We were fortunate enough to connect with Larissa Immonen, founders' daughter & CEO of Finarte. Despite being a strong visual and ethical leader, Larissa is very down-to-earth and relatable. Her passion and love for her work is inspiring!


The People Behind Our Products: Saana ja Olli

You definitely want to read about the power couple behind Saana ja Olli. Saana & Olli share about their business journey and lifestyle. Their designs are not only seen in their own textile shop, but also in collaboration with international brands in tile to glass and rugs to journals. To top it off, this post also includes a home tour that is sure to inspire you.


The People Behind Our Products: Duane Rice

Duane Rice is a local maker supplying gorgeous one-of-a-kind wooden pieces to Olson House. He has even done custom pieces for some of the staff. His work is unique and yet looks seamless next to our Scandinavian sourced pieces. Read all about the genuine maker's woodworking process in this post!


The People Behind Our Products: Normann Copenhagen Designer, Simon Legald

Normann Copenhagen is well established Danish company producing unique and functional products. We touched base with one of the brand's designers, Simon Legald, about his story and inspiration.


The People Behind Our Products: Ken & Ruth Vonderberg

Ken and Ruth Vonderberg are a talented artistic duo who work on their own unique pieces together in their home studio. They have invested so much time and skill in their retirement to their art. Olson House is honored to showcase and sell each of their pieces in our store.


The People Behind Our Products: Jim Maki

JIM MAKI is a talented artist and dear friend of Olson House.  He spent his career teaching art in the schools, which had him working with various mediums alongside his students every day, but it wasn't until retirement when he began to identify himself as an artist. His unique landscape pieces inspire tranquility and peace within our store.


The People Behind Our Products: Intentional Grain

Through the close-knit interior design community in Milwaukee, shop owner Teresa met Amanda (also an interior designer by day). When she learned about Amanda's concrete art, it made such sense to have Intentional Grain as a contributing artist as her aesthetic is perfect for the store.


The People Behind Our Products: Lapuan Kankurit

Lapuan Kankurit is a linen and wool weaving company based in Finland. Jaana Hjelt, co-owner of Lapuan Kankurit, answers our questions about the company's history, values and dreams. Read about this amazing brand and shop their textiles at Olson House!

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It’s Upon Us. Wedding Gift Season!

If you haven't found that perfect gift for the happy couple, here are a few wonderful items we have in stock, to aid you in your search.

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Spring Must Haves!

Here are just a few of our new spring favorites. Check them out and see how your list compares!


What’s New in 2016! – Scandinavian Edition

The year is now in full swing as hints of spring are finally budding around us. Over the past few months we've been very busy curating a long list of amazing new products we are excited to bring all the way from Scandinavia, to share them with you.

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Design Inspiration – Carnegie

Last Thursday, we hosted two talented women from the Carnegie fabrics creative design studio in New York City for a "Research to Reality" interior design community event. They left us inspired and excited!

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Fall Favorites!

We are featuring the Fall Favorites by Brandi, Ali, and Sydney from Olson House. Check out what they are digging this season, and learn a little bit about the Olson House staff!

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The People Behind the Products – # 7

Hello, hello! This week, we'd love to highlight the newest local artist featured at Olson House, local designer and artist Trace Burger, "Danish design - made with love" Ferm Living, and Danish design company, Manostiles.

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The People Behind the Products – # 6

Today's post is about "The Ryans" and Red Flower! To be more specific, Milwaukee Architect and furniture designer/maker Ryan Tretow and Shorewood native turned Reno artist Ryan Ostler, along with Red Flower organic luxury beauty and aromatherapy spa.

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The People Behind the Products – Pt. 5

This week, we'd like to tell you about Melissa Muller, a multi-talented ceramics artist, Scott James Studio who create pillows using vintage and designer fabrics, and Abbey from MIlwaukee Candle & Apothecary who hand crafts soy candles and other natural products.

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The Patterns! The Softness!

Today, we'd like to share with you the amazing tactile experience of fabrics, and the super cool companies we are working with to provide that experience for you. Let us introduce you to Vallila from Finland, Røros from Norway, and Lapuan Kankurit from Finland!

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The People Behind the Products – Pt. 4

Hello! This week in the People behind the Products series, I'd like to tell you about the incredible creative husband-wife pair that is Janelle & Matthew Gramling and the Danish furniture and accessory company Muuto.

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The Green Design Center Connection

Today's blog is all about the Green Design Center, and all of their amazing sustainable and healthy products.

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The People Behind the Products – Pt. 3

Part three of the weekly blog series - the stories highlighting the artists and the companies continue! This week, let us tell you about Studio Blip from the 3rd ward in Milwaukee and Nikari from Finland. Check it out to learn more!

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The People behind the Products: Pt. 2

Part two of the weekly blog series, where we will highlight the artists and the companies behind the great products we have here at the store. This week, Loft Studios & Alicia Adams Alpaca!

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The People behind the Products: Part 1

In this weekly blog series, we will highlight the artists and the companies behind the great products we have here at the store. Every piece has a story, and this is the start of the storytelling!

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Thank You For Being A Friend

Looks like we've made it!! If you are reading this, I truly want to thank you...

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