Nikari Arte Marfa Stool/Table

Nikari Arte Marfa Stool/Table

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This beautiful Arte Marfa "twist" table in Nordic Ash, designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, epitomizes Nikari's belief in quality and sustainable design. 

The exquisite quality of Nikari's furniture means the best possible wood material choices, well thought functional forms, carefully designed joints and details as well as very precise woodwork. Well-made wooden furniture lasts years and ages with grace. Raw material management is Nikari's core competence. Nikari cabinetmakers work in close collaboration with local wood suppliers and participate in the selection of timber in nearby forests. The timber is sawn, dried and stored under the supervision of Nikari.

Approx 15.7" dia x 17.7" high

If you are interested in this piece, please stop in our store, email shop owner, Teresa Olson at or call 414-210-2892. She will be able to provide you with more detail and a shipping quote. Thank you for your interest!

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