Ina Kielley Designs

Ina Kielley DesignsIna Kielley of Ina Kielley Designs creates out of her own personal story of resilience and healing. Her family fled Latvia before she was born to start a new life as refugees. She was born in the US, but being immersed in Latvian-American culture meant that her childhood was filled with Summer Solstice celebrations, walks in the woods, and nature-based Baltic traditions.  And so, traditional Latvian design elements have naturally flowed into her designs.
Ina combines her designs with comforting products which are meant to be soothing gifts for yourself or a friend. From her own personal experience and professionally as a massage therapist, Ina has found that what is sometimes needed most is a tangible way to hold on to healing. Her products allow you to hold something in your hands, smell something grounding and feel the heat and weight of a pillow on your body.
No single-use plastics are used in the products and never will be. All items are reusable, recyclable, or eco-friendly.