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Designed for apartment no. 50 at Le Courbusier’s ‘Cité Radieuse’ in Marseille, the Phare Lamp’s aesthetic was centred on the idea to create a fully recyclable product that would become a versatile everyday companion; one that could correspond to the landmark’s style and improve its inhabitant’s daily comfort.Crafted out of aluminium, Phare transforms into a daily companion that can be freely placed, hung or taken outside as long as conditions are dry according to need. Whether standing or hanging, Phare is not a lamp to be utilised in merely one spot.

Light grey

Dimensions: 5.25"W, 5.19"L, 9.25"H
Materials: Powder-coated Aluminum, Polycarbonate, LED, PVC Cord

USB Cable and Wall Charger included

Brightness: 200 lumens
Dimmable: No, on/off only
LED: 2.8 watts

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