Novoform Bell Paper Lamp Shade
Novoform Bell Paper Lamp Shade

Novoform Bell Paper Lamp Shade

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Lampshades made of paper thoughts of far-eastern countries come to your mind at once.
But you also associate something fragile and less durable with the material paper.

But Novoform wants to prove the point that paper can also be solid and robust, presenting a pendant lamp with a paper-made lampshade that is durable.

Solid thanks to an elaborate folding technique

Paper is a fragile material that could be torn at the slightest mishap.
But already a long time ago did the Japanese find out that paper when brought into the right shape can be very solid and robust, hence the origami folding technique.
Novoform uses this knowledge to produce lampshades in the shape of a bell. The uncountable bends and foldings provide for the shade's stability and make it a visually exciting and complex object.

arm light in different degrees of brightness

The light that spreads through the paper shade is warm and gives the semi-transparent paper a unique shimmer. Depending on the size of the bend in the paper, the light can go through the paper in a stronger or weaker way.
The light is nevertheless glare-free and the socket as well as the light bulb is not visible through the paper.

We recommend using LED light for they do not heat up and therefore cannot inflame the paper shade in contrast to other light bulbs.

Size: H 11.5 x Ø 13.6 cm

Design Kristian Jakobsen


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