Peepal Tree

Peepal Tree Ruchita Varma
Ruchita Varma is the founder of Peepal Tree, a local company that creates beautiful handmade block printed textiles. Ruchita is trained as an architect and had worked as one for years before starting my own business. She received her bachelors in architecture from India and her masters from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She worked in various cities like New Delhi, Ann Arbor, Chicago and Cleveland.
When her older son was born 9 years ago, she took a break from Architecture and when her younger son came along 2 years later she decided that she needed a job that gives her the flexibility of spending time with them and working on her own time along with creative satisfaction and ownership.
From Ruchita: “I went back to something I had learnt in art class in 6th grade in India, the art of block printing using hand carved wood blocks for printing on paper and fabric, I went to India to do a quick workshop and realized that like riding a bike, one never forgets even after years of not block printing!
Peepal ( pronounced People) tree hence was born.

I now make a variety of hand print items like scarves, baby items, women’s tunics, and I especially am in love with my new “WI ️” themed items like cards and tea towels, made in Milwaukee in my small but very busy studio.I also work with a coop in India for some of my fabric printing which are hand dyed and printed using vegetable and fruit dyes, they are 5th generation printers and the work is ethical and sustainable.

Peepal tree is growing into a business I am very proud of and I am enjoying every minute of it, learning and creating every day!