Alfred Sessler "The Vase" Woodcut, 1957 Vintage, Framed

Alfred Sessler "The Vase" Woodcut, 1957 Vintage, Framed

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Alfred Sessler was born in 1909 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sessler became a noted painter, lithographer, educator, and lecturer  receiving national recognition.  He was a prolific printmaker under the W.P.A., producing many lithographs and etchings in a Social Realist style and he also painted two Post Office murals, one in Lowell, MI. the other in Morris, MN.  In the late 1950s, Sessler developed the “reduction block” method for making multi-color woodcuts using only one block.  His innovative graphics program and his reputation as a printmaker gave UW its continuing position of leadership in the field of printmaking, making it   the largest and most progressive in the country.  Sessler drew upon the sad and slightly comic in human nature and developed a style of biomorphic abstraction.  His last prints were horrific interpretations of tree forms that featured mask-like faces hidden in attenuated branches.  Sessler is represented in many public collections including those of the Milwaukee Art Museum, Museum of Wisconsin Art, Elvehjem Museum of Art, UW-Madison, Butler Institute of American Art and the Library of Congress.

"The Vase" is a woodcut that is edition 15 from 1957.  It is 10" x 14", framed in original 20" x 24" frame.

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