True Hue 3oz Soy Mini Candles
True Hue 3oz Soy Mini Candles
True Hue 3oz Soy Mini Candles
True Hue 3oz Soy Mini Candles
True Hue 3oz Soy Mini Candles

True Hue 3oz Soy Mini Candles

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True Hue Uses 100% natural soy wax extracted from US soil, synthetic oils that are phthalate-free, providing customers with a clean, sustainable and invigorating experience. True Hue uses this mentality while incorporating the earthy and northern aesthetic provided by the natural landscape of the land of 10,000 lakes. Similarly, inspired by Scandinavian design and a soul for adventure, they seek to produce the best line of home fragrances that remind you of wandering through the forest, soaking up the sun by a cool blue lake, and dancing in the moonlight.

This 3 oz natural soy wax candle has a 6% synthetic fragrance ratio. We use a 6% fragrance ratio to provide our customers with a high-quality fragrance output in each candle without being overwhelming. Each candle comes complete with a premium cotton wick which burns cleanly for 40 – 50 hours.

Notes: Birchwood + Oud
Beams of light pierce through huddled deciduous white oaks, birch, and cotton wood. Stark silhouettes race across the forest floor while leaves on branches hold on tightly through their dancing in the smoky wind.

Blood Moon:
Notes: Sweet Orange + Spiced Tea
Tired of waiting for the blood moon to rise? Our spicy combination of red tea and sweet orange will help to promote good vibes and balanced energy while you pass the time.

Notes: Mandarin + Vetiver
Lying under the stars on wet green grass is the inspiration behind stargazing. Its refreshing blend of mandarin paired with the sharp and earthy notes of vetiver will bring the universe into your space.

Bergamot & Black Tea:
Sweet spices pile high in woven baskets, tea leaves steep amongst wildly warm aromas, amber, bergamot, peppercorn.

Dried Cedar & Moss:
Sun-dried cedar warms the air, woodland moss bakes in the sun, ripe ginger root, pimento berry, a pinch of spice.

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