Festive Book

Festive Book

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Festive – Festive mood, easy DIY and delicious recipes
Searching for ideas, information or inspiration for a children’s birthday bash, graduation buffet or classic dinner party? Festive – Life is a Celebration takes its readers on a stylish journey through the seasons. The two talented creators behind the book spill the beans on how to pull off a party with finesse – without forgetting the least detail when it comes to setting the mood and a delicious menu! Having both experienced tragic loss, the book project of friends Marja Wickman and Elina Cerell was a way to kindle joy in the midst of sorrow. Marja, who works as an art director and runs her renowned interior blog, and Elina, who works in project management in advertising, serve up a visual feast as they share their best tips for making any occasion a worthy cause of celebration. 

Concept, texts, recipes & diy: Marja Wickman & Elina Cerell

Photography & illustrations: Marja Wickman

Additional Photography: Elina Cerell

Language: English & Finnish

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