Iittala Sarjaton Mug, Metsa

Iittala Sarjaton Mug, Metsa

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Meaning 'no series' in Finnish, Iittala Sarjaton redefines the freedom of flexibility. Including a selection of everyday pieces, Sarjaton designs work just as beautifully alone as they do together. And just like all of Iittala's designs, Sarjaton is easy to combine with other pieces and series.

Sarjaton is the result of collaboration between talented designers from fashion, product, graphic and digital design, all of whom share the same vision of interpreting Finnish traditions in a modern way.

Iittala Sarjaton is inspired and shaped by Finnish traditions, with the concept and design for the range firmly rooted in folklore and artisan rituals. Crisp white with just the right amount of detail, the Metsä designer mug is the perfect addition to any home, table, or Iittala collection. The Metsä designer mug is easy to combine with any other Iittala pieces that inspire you. 

The Sarjaton design process has been dedicated to creating distinctive objects that offer endless possibilities. Use your imagination to create your own composition, simply by combining patterns, materials and colours. Be bold; the most unexpected combination could be the one you grow to love most.

Designed in 2012 by Harri Koskinen, Lotta Olsson, and Musuta.


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