Beige shower puff.
Grey shower puff.

Lapuan Kankurit Kivi Shower Puff

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Lapuan Kankurit are continuously working for improving the effective use of raw materials in our own production line. For years they've been weaving all their products to the desired length to minimize the loss of material, but still while weaving and sewing some products, end up with some extra fabric being cut off. 

Their linen raw material comes all the way from the flax fields of professionals in Europe to be elaborately woven into a glorious linen fabric in our weaving mill in Finland. That is a journey they value and are not willing to waste. Therefore this summer they designed a solution. KIVI soap scrup mit, KIVI shower puff and KIVI hair turban are all sewn from the linen-tencel terry excess material.

KIVI shower puff invigorates the surface circulation and exfoliates gently

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