Outwoken Tea Gift Box
Outwoken Tea Gift Box

Outwoken Tea Gift Box

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Milwaukee based Outwoken Tea has a passion for tea and natural things that come from the earth. Aureal, the founder, thought, "what if I could create a product that wouldn’t just be healthy for people but also healthy for the earth?" They specifically source tea from small farmers in developing countries supporting their economic growth as well as ours creating a circular economic growth, and their packaging is all compostable or plantable.

Outwoken teas’mission is to create awareness about the environment by challenging your mentality. “We challenge you to challenge yourself to create better conscious decisions to impact the environment in a positive way.” The use of social platforms, e-books, and word of mouth will be used to spread awareness.

This gift set includes a variety of teas that aims to please:

- Bold Blue is a wonder to behold with such beautiful colors it’s destined to create a conversation.
- Full leaf Kenyan Purple tea has a taste for the tea connoisseur as well as many health benefits.
- Best of Both Worlds is a balance between Colombian Arabica coffee and Colombian black tea.
- Chocolate Besos is a mixture of cacao nibs, cocoa husk, and Colombian black tea which creates a fine cup of tea.
- One surprise tea flavor will be added to this to complete the box!

20-25 servings or more if you steep the teas mutiple times. Please view Outwokens’ tea shop tab. Every tea within this box has specific steeping instructions to help you.

*All teas contain caffeine

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