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Introducing the Olson House custom-scented candle by Big White Yeti

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Olson House Custom Candle by Big White Yeti
Introducing OLSON HOUSE in candle form!
After carrying Big White Yeti's locally beloved soy candles for the past 3.5 years, Olson House now has our own custom-scented Yeti candle! We first welcomed Big White Yeti to our shop for our cozy party in 2016. Katie Daly Weiss has become a dear friend and this collaboration was loads of fun. The Olson House candle is an elegant blend of white birch, rosemary and blood orange. How did we even go about creating a custom scent that represents our store? We want to take you behind the scenes of our process.
Olson House Custom Scent Candle by Big White Yeti

Step 1: What does Olson House smell like?

First of all, we needed to communicate to Katie of Big White Yeti what Olson House would even smell like! We jokingly wanted the candle to capture the essence of this YouTube video: (which we realize might have won the award for most unique or most comical of requests and we're okay with that). Overall, we wanted the essence to feel like a crisp, fresh Scandinavian spring morning. Key scents that came to mind initially were rosemary, grapefruit, pine and fir. We thought the scent should evoke the feeling of walking through a forest and encountering a mystical creature from Norse mythology. Too wacky? Maybe, but again, that's alright with us.

What does Olson House Smell Like

Step 2: Scent Consultation

Teresa met with Katie for a scent consultation in her home studio with the friendly company of Katie's son, Archie and kitties, Ribs, Boris & Alex P. Kitten. She had selected a variety of scent notes that aligned with our initial inspiration. The task was grand but yes, Teresa smelled every single one of these samples. She narrowed it down from what seemed like 100 options to 5 fragrance oil scent notes.

Olson House Scent Note Consultation

Big White Yeti Kitties

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Step 3: Test Pours

After selecting 5 scent note combinations, Katie created 5 candle test pours. Test pours are used not only for the evaluation of smell but also burn quality. Things like the wax melting slow or fast, flame size, and wick size are all observed. Just because a scent note smelled really good in the bottle, doesn't necessarily mean it is able to be translated into candle form. We smelled each of the 5 test pours unlit and burning to identify which we liked, didn't like and what might be missing. Katie took our notes, adjusted the % of fragrance oils, added new, took away others and produced 3 new test pours. We chose a fave, added a dash of rosemary and wa-la! Olson House, the candle, was ready for production!

Olson House Custom Candle Scent

So without further ado, we officially introduce 'Olson House' by Big White Yeti. A candle that captures the essence of our shop and ambiance creating a uniquely refreshing take on a Nordic inspired scent. This candle transports you to a fresh Scandinavian spring morning with elegant notes of white birchwood, blood orange and rosemary. 

May you enjoy this wonderful new custom candle as much as we are!
Available for smells in-store or order online, here.

Olson House Custom Candle Scent from Big White YetiOlson House Custom Candle by Big White Yeti

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