Lapuan Kankurit

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Lapuan Kankurit is a family business that weaves Finnish quality. Each woven meter of fabric tells a story of Finnish handicraft. The Lapua textile factory is headed by a fourth generation weaver, Esko Hjelt, with his wife Jaana. The successful products are owed to our use of the latest weaving techniques, our top designers and professional staff, and our responsible attitude towards the environment, people, nature and traditions."

Lapuan Kankurit is the only Finnish weaving mill whose high-quality linen textiles have been accepted into the valued company of the European Masters of Linen textiles. They weave responsibly, respecting the environment, and take a stand against the nature-consuming, short-lived and cheap production. Everything they do is transparent, and their materials can be traced back to their origin. They weave wonderful warmth, sweet softness, tender well-being, and a beautiful, pleasant life.