Teresa Olson's Trip to Copenhagen, Denmark | January 2020

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Olson House in Copenhagen Denmark

Teresa's Trip to Copenhagen, Denmark

Hey all, Teresa here.  This week we thought we would give you a tour in pictures of my recent trip to Copenhagen, where I met with brands, did some inspirational research, saw new product collections, and vetted potential new companies to carry in store.  Here's a quick glimpse into the trip! 

The Home Ferm Living Showroom Copenhagen

THE HOME: Ferm Living Showroom

I was able to walk through and experience THE HOME, Ferm Living's Showroom in the city center Copenhagen. This unique showroom exists in an apartment completely outfitted from floor to ceiling with Ferm Living's furniture, lighting and accessories to create a brand experience showcasing their interpretation of what a meaningful, beautiful home can be. This showroom will be moving out of the space in the coming months, so I was super happy to experience the rooms and gather all sorts of inspiration, as well as spot items from Ferm Living's new collection that we can bring into the store! Some amazing new items from this beautiful brand coming to Shorewood in the coming months! 

Ferm Living Showroom in Copenhagen

Ferm Living Showroom in Copenhagen


Formland Interior and Design Exhibition Copenhagen Denmark

FORMLAND: Interior and Design Exhibition

Formland is a professional interior and design fair that calls itself "the most inspiring Nordic Interior & Design Show." They feature newest collections, inspiring trend zones & trend talks (in Danish) and focus on the trends and tendencies for 2020/2021. This show is a 4 hour bus ride away from Copenhagen, in Herning.  This year's Trend Zone was "The Art of Living" which intended to be inspiration and reflection on the art of being human and the home as our anchor in a world focused on a meaningful life. It's a small but engaging design fair. This is the 2nd time I've been able to attend.  I left filled with inspiration and particularly noted the strong emphasis on sustainability that is woven through the fabric of Danish design.

New Collections from Lubech Living, Oooh Collection

Dried Floral Inspiration at Formland Copenhagen

Andersen Furniture Brand Formland Copenhagen Olson House

Inspiration from Formland Copenhagen Paint Color-Blocking

Around Copenhagen: Stay, Eat & Drink!

I stayed in a hip hotel called Citizen M, which was super fun, though everything was controlled by a tablet and sometimes it didn't like my hands, so I couldn't always turn the lights on and off.  Ha ha ha.  Despite that, it was a very comfortable, fun and stylish place to call home for a few nights.

When I wasn't exploring the world of design, I was eating.  For real, I love exploring local flavors, and this trip did not disappoint! For example, you see below a cocktail of sea buckthorn with licorice oil paired with fresh baked bread and seaweed butter, a white chocolate foam paired with sea buckthorn (and unintended culinary theme) sorbet and tiny snacks served on a bed of rocks!  Everything was an edible work of art (including the organic burger on a bun of hashbrowns not pictured, but trust me - delicious)! 

My hotel had an light art installation that was inspired by the aurora borealis that first illuminated the last night I was there.  It was a fitting ending for my short-but-efficient Danish adventure.  

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