Olson House Wedding Registry and Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas Wedding Registry

Olson House Wedding Season Gift Registry and Gift Ideas

It's a beautiful time of year! Are you attending a wedding this season? Are you a bride or groom preparing for your special day? Woo-hoo! A toast to you! Whenever the celebration, Olson House has gift ideas for engagements, bridal showers, weddings and more. We also have a wedding gift registry! Explore all of the options we can provide during this exciting wedding season.

Olson House Wedding Registry Kitchen Towels

To all the couples planning their weddings,

Our gift registry provides unique, timeless and beautiful pieces. We hear of wedding guests wanting to gift something out-of-the-box and special, but don't always find it at big box stores. Here's where Olson House can fill a gap in your registry. All of our items are from local makers or Scandinavian brands that pride themselves on sustainability and beauty. According to the popular wedding website, The Knot, there are 4 things to consider when selecting the best wedding registry items: 

1.  Items That Will Last. The best wedding registry items can be cherished for many years to come.

2. Items That Suit Your Lifestyle. Give your guests a few unique wedding registry ideas so they can feel they are personalizing your wedding gift. That special touch connects you to your honored guests in a very special way.

3. Items That You Use Everyday. Planning what to register for should be as simple as figuring out what you use daily. The best wedding registry items are things that you use every day in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

4. Items That Add a Personal Touch. Unique wedding registry ideas include one-of-a-kind items.

At Olson House our items cover all 4 of these points simultaneously because we carry products that are sustainable, everyday, beautiful and cannot be found anywhere else in the state, even the country!

Start building your gift registry, here!

Wedding Gift Registry Lapaun Kankurit Table Linens

Shop Kitchen Linens

More than just meets the eye; browse our brand catalogs!

Our little shop stocks kitchen textiles, bath linens, glassware, kitchenware, home decor, blankets, pillows, rugs and more! It is also important to mention that we also have catalogs from brands like Normann Copenhagen, Iittala, Ferm Living, Finarte and Menu Design to browse through. Special ordering is available and even encouraged! We believe it's important to fill your home with things that speak to you and will cherish forever. Our shop is little but the registry options are grand! Just give us a call or stop in the store for more information and to take a look at the brand catalogs.

Olson House Wedding Gift Registry Candleholders

Shop Candleholders

For all wedding guests who attend showers and ceremonies alike,

Olson House is a one-stop-shop for unique and timeless gifts at all price points. In our opinion, you can't go wrong gifting anything from our top brands like Normann Copenhagen, Lapuan Kankurit, Marimekko or Iittala. We carry many items that easily become heirloom pieces bringing joy to homes for years to come.

Olson House Wedding Gift Registry Glassware

Shop Iitalla

Olson House Wedding Gift Registry Bath Linens

Shop Bath Textiles

Our bath towels are made of sustainable materials like linen, cotton and tencel. These linens will not only add texture and beauty to your bathroom, but also stand the test of time! These textiles are amazing gifts for everyone and come in a variety of soft and deep color tones.

Olson House Wedding Gift Registry Entertaining Trays

Shop Entertaining

Our entertaining pieces are show-stoppers. They will set you apart from other dinner parties. The items we source each have a story to tell, perfect as you gather together. 

Olson House Wedding Gift Registry Lighting

Shop Lighting

Lighting, blankets, pillows and rugs are pieces to build a home with. They bring personality, warmth and texture to a space in beautiful and practical ways. Some of these pieces you may not buy for yourself, so register for them or purchase as a surprise gift! These are surely pieces that we love to give and love to receive. 

Olson House Wedding Gift Registry Blankets, Pillows and Rugs

Shop Blankets & PillowsShop Rugs 

Whether you are a bride, groom or wedding guest, Olson House is here to provide you with an exceptional wedding gift registry and gift ideas. One thing we have not mentioned yet, is our personal service. You won't find one-on-one guidance or care anywhere else! We love to fill homes with beautiful items that will last a lifetime. Stop by our store on Oakland Ave in Shorewood, Milwaukee today! And if you are not local, no problem. Reach out via email at info@olson-house.com or call us at 414-210-2892. It's an exciting time of year! We'd love to celebrate with you. 

Start building your gift registry, here!



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