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Emma Daisy

Emma Daisy Olson House

Emma Daisy Gertel is a maker, illustrator and designer living in Milwaukee, WI. Daisy learns and understands the world through her hands with deep curiosity. Her education in fashion design, community arts & cultural development along with over 13 years of nonprofit experience as an artist, creative director and co-executive of a youth arts organization have largely influenced her work. She aspires to learn every process like a renaissance woman, resulting in mixed formats and experimentation. An adoptee growing up in the US, Daisy has become fascinated by the massive forced migration she was a part of in the mid 80’s, using art to explore forgotten Korean roots and the experience of living in diaspora. Undertones of identity with a celebration of femininity as strength are characteristic of her work—created with playful charm in an attempt to bring joy and connection to others through beauty.