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Iittala Taika Sato Square Plate, 12x12cm

Iittala Taika Sato Square Plate, 12x12cm

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When Klaus Haapaniemi’s vivid illustrations are combined with a timeless design by Heikki Orvola, the result is something truly fascinating. The square plate (12 x 12 cm) in the Taika Sato series is both practical and ornamental. Its size makes it ideal for enjoying small appetisers and delicacies and for serving. It also has endless other uses. Put your most beautiful jewellery on display or place your favourite perfume on the plate in the bathroom. The plate features a fascinating still life illustrated by Klaus Haapaniemi: you can almost sense the scent of the fruit. The versatile plate is a perfect gift for everyone who loves playfulness and storytelling.


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