Vintage George Raab Lake Delton, Framed

Vintage George Raab Lake Delton, Framed

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This original George Raab watercolor painting is signed G. Raab and most likely dates to the late 1920's/early 1930's.  This lovely painting is framed in a 16.75" wide x 13.75" high frame. Raab is a notable MIlwaukee artist, who left his mark on the area.

George Raab was born in 1866 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. In 1189, Raab and Herman Keiker opened a photographic studio called Feiker and Raab. Less than a year later, Raab would start up another business, Raab and Bressler, Crayon Artists. Then, around 1890, Raab began studying under Richard Lorenz and Robert Schade at the Wisconsin Art Institute in Milwaukee. From 1891 to 1896, he traveled to Europe, presumably under the advice of Lorenz, to study at the Weimar Art Academy in Germany and the Colarossi Art School of Paris under Gustave Courtois.

In 1899, Raab retuned to Milwaukee. A year later, he exhibited at Bressler Co. with two other artists, Alexander Mueller and Louis Mayer. The three helped found the Society of Milwaukee Artists (later known as the Wisconsin Painter and Sculptors organization), where Raab would act as President in 1917. From 1901 to 1909/10, Raab taught at the Milwaukee Art Students League and from 1902 to 1922, worked as a curator at the Layton Art Gallery.  Raab also became a member of the Milwaukee Art Commission from 1915 to 1922, approving building and art acquisitions for the Milwaukee Public schools.

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